Cannot login on Android Firefox Extension

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Cannot login on Android Firefox Extension

Postby kevinmanuel » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:03 pm


I am a new user of LastPass, I really like the idea of the manager being really cross-platform and this is why I decided to choose this one.Unfortunately I am having a problem with my Android phone, the Autofill is getting disabled on my Sony Xperia Z3, but it would not be a big problem for me, the browser extension would be enough for me. The issue is that I am the devoted user of Firefox, I would like to stick to this browser and I was really happy to see the Addon in the app.Unfortunately after I login in Firefox Addon on Android all I can see is just the spinning red circle as presented on the screenshot below:
Screenshot linkWhat can I do about it? Did anyone experience such issue?

please help

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