Network performance testing

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Network performance testing

Postby Shawnturner » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:02 pm


So I am pretty new to network performance testing, buasically Im trying to test network performance of my wifi connectionbetween a computer and a server. I would like to run through the tests I want to carry out and what I hope to get from them, if you guys think I am on the right track let me know, if you think I am heading in the wrong direction can you offer some quick guidance?

So from my initial research there are a few things I need to test to get an overall picture of a networks performance; Bandwidth, Latency, Jitter and packet loss and network stress. Bandwidth - Im going to use iPerf3, record the upload speed and throughput and then reverse it to get the download speed and throughput. One thing I am not sure of with the Bandwidth test is setting the TCP window size. What size should I select or should I just use default? From what I have read increasing the TCP window will result in higher bandwidth capacity but I am not sure how to select the typical TCP window size if you get me.

For more details: whiteboard explainer
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