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Compiling Stuff - General

Postby jbv » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:10 pm

To create a build environment you will usually need to:

apt-get build-essentials and a few other things and a lot of -dev files for common libraries

You then need to make sure you have the correct Kernel headers for the kernel you are using. To do this you first determine the kernel by typing "uname -r" at a console prompt. "uname-r" will show the current kernel that s loaded. To install the correct headers you would then:

apt-get install linux-headers- <your kernel> (copy/paste output from above)

build.squashfs contains the header files for all 3 kernels

The current 90-build sqf contains pretty much everything required to build a lot if stuff.
It includes all of the dev headers for the various packages that have been built for FoxyRoxy.
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Re: Compiling Stuff - General

Postby jbv » Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:14 pm

While working on the NVIDIA drivers, it seems that I may have messed-up.
The current build environment only contains the kernel headers for 686-bigmem

If you are going to compile something at the kernel level and need to make files that link into kernel headers for 486 or 686, you will need to apt-get the kernel headers for each kernel.

For applications and standard packages, this won't be required.

As the build environment does not cross-compile, you will need to restart everything with the correct kernel loaded anyway.
- If someone knows how to avoid doing this, then please let me know.

When you have restarted with the kernel you are compiling with/for/against,
after doing an apt-get update
simply type: apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

it wouldn't take much to do a 95-create, 95-load, clean it up, then 95-save
After which you could 90-load and merge 95-snap into it.
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