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Postby jbv » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:16 pm

Great news KazzaMozz,

KazzaMozz wrote:now I'm really going to bed

Yeah, right. I keep saying the same thing.

But, I've still got a little bit left in my glass. So, while I have the last sip, I quickly check work Email. Eeeekkk .... I see a "must answer now, so we don't loose another day" type Email arrive from Denmark or Sweden. Darn. Oh well, at least it means that tomorrow I really can finish those reports and hopefully finalise the eval on the new 3G modems etc. ... And people think I'm nuts for not enabling the Email (or knowing how to use half of the stuff on my "rooted" Android ICS phone, even though I did bring in my own dual-sim HTC-Wind from China). Glass is almost empty, I'm almost comatose so .... sleep is soon (and for the weak/soft).

Goodnight, Brenton
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Re: XBMC Media Center

Postby jbv » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:40 pm

Hi Steen,

SBP wrote:Im using LMS on FoxyRoxy for my music system through the whole house right now, everything is fine.

Great, that is good news. Can you do me a favour and help with a little side-bet I've got going with Toni.
One day, can you change the thread title to "(Working) LMS" or whatever is appropriate, if you feel it is appropriate :lol:
I'll loose the "bet", but it is a bet, I'll happily loose :)

I kind of liked being involved in debugging the LMS stuff ect, so now when this is working fine I hope that I can help with other things in FoxyRoxy, it was kind of fun.
So please let me know if there is anything you would like me to help with.

Easy. Help test the stuff we "think" works ... half joking. Seriously, the issues you ran into were already known and "on the list" as were the fixes. You and Kazza, were really just the instigators that pushed me to move a little quicker. In all honesty, you have both helped me and saintless an awful lot on quite a few fronts. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, by your feedback you have shown us that there is an interest in what we are doing and that we are "not alone". Secondly, you pushed us to bring to the fore some things that I was secretly hoping to dodge for a little longer. We have now totally smashed some of the biggest outstanding issues that we had, and to be honest with you, I think these are real issues that every "live" linux has. In that regard, what started as an idea that I could just "chuck an embedded linux system together in a few days" has now moved head leaps and bounds. Without the help and questions from people like yourself and KazzaMozz, and the support of Toni, we wouldn't be where we are now.

Once DevRel_03 is "shipping", I will crawl away for a while as I really would like to get my NAS sorted. During this process, I will probably be asking some strange questions and I would ask that you all give me a little "breathing space", but please don't go quit on the feeback or just general banter. Knowing there are other people in the world can help an awful lot.

I figure that I will write a Howto about the LMS stuff, but should probably wait for dev0.3.

Yeah, if you could do a really simple yet clear and concise "how to" for LMS, that would be fantastic. Don't be afraid to be verbose. Please use more than 160 characters and let people know what LMS can really do and help them get there. I've got an Android ICS phone but only use it for phone calls, so please teach me how to use it as a remote control for LMS or other things, that would be great. When it comes to remote players, I may be able to help a little later. My background/profession is in electronics and I do understand that stuff. FWIW, I think the RasPi is a scam and so over-rated that it isn't funny, but that's another thread of it's own.

Anyway, if you could do a "how to" once DevRel_03 is out, that would be great.
Can I (or, do I need to) ask for your thoughts on putting the easy-install script into the DevRel_03.iso or is it (we/FoxyRoxy) not quite ready for that (and/or the people it may attract) just yet?

Cheers, Brenton
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