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FoxyRoxyLinux - About Copyrights and Respecting them

Postby jbv » Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:40 am

This may or may not be legal in your part of the world.
This may or may not be legal in my part of the world.
I am not a lawyer, nor do I want or intend to hire one to find out.

The basic ground-rules and intent regarding copyright is as follows:

No single person owns FoxyRoxy, the name or anything associated with what is being called FoxyRoxy. The term or name is that widespread and generic that any claim of ownership would be just plain wrong or an exercise in futility. Previous first hand experience with copyright and trademark laws in my part of the world specifically prohibit the copyrighting or trademarking of common words or the combination of common words as is the case with the combination of the words Foxy and Roxy to make the word FoxyRoxy. Therefore if I can not trademark and/or copyright them here, then neither can anyone else, therefore it should stand to reason that any other claim to copyright or trademark would not be valid here. If you do think that you own the global use of the words then please send me a polite Email, with proof of your claim. If your claim has merit, then I am more than happy to discuss this with you.

To the best of my knowledge, all of the components that collectively make FoxyRoxy what it is, are distributed under various licenses from the authors or are public-domain, and allow for their use and distribution as they are being used. This includes the various software programs, all images, and all of the contents. All images and sounds were either included with a package or found on a website where any normal person would believe that the use of the image/sound/whatever was able to be freely used and/or redistributed. To this end, no copyright notices have been removed or altered and the original author or copyright claimant still retains any and all copyright or claim. If you feel that you hold copyright or claim to copyright in anything contained within FoxyRoxy and feel that it is being used in a manner not in accordance with your intent or desires, then please send me a polite Email with proof of your claim and if this proves to be correct, then I am more than happy to discuss this with you.

I ask that all people using FoxyRoxy adhere to, respect, and honor the various copyrights and licenses contained within FoxyRoxy.

If FoxyRoxy contains software or programs that are not legal in your part of the world, then you should not use that program.

If you can not abide by, and honor these simple requests, then please do not use FoxyRoxy.

If you put a script file, program, or anything else that you created, on this site; then you are allowing any person, anywhere in the world to use, modify and/or distribute it freely. If you have any special requirements or requests regarding usage, then please make them clear when you put the script, program, whatever, here. If you can not abide by, and honor this simple request, then please do not contribute.

The basic tenant here, is that we are trying to do the right thing. ... Rule #1 = Play Nice

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