Installing FoxyRoxy

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Installing FoxyRoxy

Postby jbv » Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:02 am

Creating a Bootable USB stick from Windows

After downloading the FoxyRoxy ISO
Download the Foxy-USB-Installer (868kb .exe file) using <this link>

This is a customised version of the Univeral-USB-Installer made specifically for FoxyRoxy.
It is based on the Univerasal-USB-Installer which can support numerous versions of Linux.
The author of UUI has been very helpful and I Would like to thank him for his assistance.
The Univerasal-USB-Installer homepage is at

It is suggested that you download both files (.iso and Foxy-USB-Installer ) to the same directory (folder)

Insert a blank USB stick, or one you can overwrite

It is suggested that you do a quick-format on the USB stick beforehand
Foxy-USB-installer will not show a USB stick inserted after the program has been started

Run the Foxy-USB-Installer (it does not need to be installed)

Step 1) Read the copyright information
Step 2) If you understand and agree with what you read, click [I Agree]
Step 3) Select the first item in the list [ FoxyRoxy Linux - Developer Release ]
Step 4) Browse to select the FoxyRoxy ISO
Step 5) Select the USB stick
Step 6) [Note: This is optional] (tick) the "Format" check-box if you want to format the stick
Step 7) click [Create]
Step 8) Carefully read the actions that will take place
Step 9) If you are satisfied that this is what you want to do, click [Yes]
Step 10) Wait a few minutes while the Foxy-USB-Installer does its thing
Step 11) When the Foxy-USB-Installer has finished, click [Close]

click the "Safely Remove Hardware" button in the Windows Taskbar
and "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device - Drive(Whatever)"

Job Done!
You can now remove the USB stick or reboot your computer to use FoxyRoxy

Linux Users ... Look Here <link> ...

If you have trouble, some additonal information can be found <here>
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