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PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:23 pm
by jbv
Networking - See the thread in this section for more info

USB sticks are automagically mounted when they are inserted.
When you plug in a USB stick it is automatically mounted in the /media directory using its volume label for the mount.

The stick is also automagically unmounted when removed.
However, before removing a stick you should open a terminal window and type "sync" twice to make sure that all of the disc writes have completed before removing the stick.
The insert detection is done using Dbus messages. It is hoped that we can write an extension to our task-bar to place an icon in the notification area when a stick has been inserted and that right-cliking on the icon will allow you to "sync" and "unmount" the stick.

Further development of this program may also allow us to easily mount CD and DVD roms.
Automatic detection of these on insertion is not possible with the current Debian kernel without adding a lot more packages that will consume valuable resources.