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Postby jbv » Wed Aug 15, 2012 11:17 am

saintless has advised that sound is working - the issue was at his end and is now resolved.

okay, before we "go live" I will replace the Download image with Developers_Release_02.ISO

I already have the sqfs for dev_rel_02.iso but it's been a long day and I don't trust myself to make it tonight.

Based on the testing of everything so far, the following changes have been made and these will be incorporated into rel_02

1) ISOmaster has been added to FoxyDesktop (now a standard package)
2) xpdf has been added to FoxyDesktop (now a standard package)
3) Flash Player has been added to FoxyDesktop (now a standard package)
4) DLNA media server (and a movie file) has been added to FoxyDesktop (now standard)

The .sqf has grown by about 12Mb (which I think is fine for what it adds).
- The movie file is only 1.5Mb
- The entire DNLA server and test files only adds 3Mb in total, with 1.5Mb of that being the movie. The movie is an advertisement that I think is the best TV ad ever made. It is on Youtube and everywhere on the net so it has already "gone viral". I don't think Peugeot will sue me. The sound and photo tests that are served up are done with symlinks so they really don't add any space. The DLNA server requires 6Mb of RAM when running, so it is not started be default. If people want to test against it, they will need to start it manually, so no memory overhead or resource usage if people don't touch it. I found a good way to put a fully functional DLNA media-server on a USB stick and not take any space. The config file will need to be tweaked by anyone that wants a real setup, but this works and can be easily tested with no messing around. It has been tested and verified against a WD-LiveTV and a Samsung TV (no mean feat)... This is golden!
The DLNA server will automagically appear on your WD-TV or real DLNA capable TV (smartTV) as "FoxyDLNA"

XPDF is fully functional. It has been tested against a variety of PDF and the associations are good.

Flash Player (blame sickgut for this one) has been tested against Youtube (which I'd never used before). Without this, Firefox showed a message that you needed a plug-in. With it, it plays the videos with no user interaction required. Therefore, I take it as working. If it doesn't, then someone who actually cares about Youtube can fix it.

ISOmaster is working and the associations are good. Double-Click on an ISO and ISOmaster opens it.

I will now use ISOmaster to make Dev_Rel_02.ISO (tomorrow night)

I have communicated with the Author of UUI (Universal-USB-Installer) and pointed him to my thread where I documented the spazo few days I've had. He will put the format option back in the next release of UUI and is fine for us to host UUI v1.9.0.0 (which works great) here. I will upload it and clean-up the docs tomorrow night.

Unless anything else pops up in the next 24 hours, we should have a final ISO for testing tomorrow night and if we can test it on Friday, we should be ready to announce over the weekend.

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Re: DevRel_02.ISO

Postby sickgut » Wed Aug 15, 2012 1:35 pm

Does that media server broadcast video and or audio files over a network, kind of like visiting youtube, the video streams rather than the browser wanting to download it?
Im glad your adding isomaster, an ISO editing app is essential for an OS thats being distributed as an ISO.
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Re: DevRel_02.ISO

Postby jbv » Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:00 pm

Hi sickgut,

Yes. DLNA is a streaming media server. It streams video, audio, and images over the network.

DLNA is the transport layer they are putting into the new "Smart TV's".
It is also supported by devices like the WD-TV series, Apple-TV, and the like.
It is very similar to a Rockbox server, although it supports multiple streams.

During testing, I've had FoxyRoxy serving different media files to 4 devices at the same time (over various wireless and wired links), while being hammered from an NFS machine and at the same time it was pulling files from the NFS machine, while a Windows machine was smashing it via a SAMBA SMB share and the console was playing a 720p music video clip that it was pulling from a USB stick. All without missing a beat and using less than 128Mb of RAM :shock:

While DLNA is a standard, everyone implements it differently. I have a somewhat older Samsung Plasma TV (3 year old Series 8). Samsung are the worst at DLNA, but this little gem works well with the Samsung stuff. It is even better than Samsungs own PC DLNA server software, and it is super-fast. The only real issue with miniDLNA is that it is an absolute nightmare to build. The dependency chain is quite finicky. If your not comfortable with building from source then this is NOT the package to start learning with. The current build I have is 2 levels back, but I might download the latest stuff tonight and rebuild it to start with the latest.

Putting the DLNA server in this early makes it a tad messy to setup so that it can be used, as everything needs to live on the USB stick (in the sqf) so I needed to keep files small. As this server requires about 5Mb of RAM, it pushed the minimum up a little, which is why I have it on a manual start at the moment, so people don't think FoxyRoxy is "fat" <fx:giggle>, but for those who want to travel the same path I do, I hope it will give them something they can use from day 1 and show them that I have a little bit of an idea of what I'm doing, or think I'm going to do :)

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Re: DevRel_02.ISO

Postby jbv » Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:26 am

DevRel_02.ISO has just been uploaded.

So far, I've made a CD from it and tested the CD.
I have also uploaded the latest UUI program and made a bootable USB stick from that which has been tested.
I'm about to head home to test the USB stick on my main Dell desktop which was the one that showed issues earlier.

Please download and beat-up on DevRel_02.ISO
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