[GPARTED] NTFS - successful repartition - No it's not

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Re: [GPARTED] NTFS - successful repartition - No it's not

Postby jbv » Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:10 am

Will have another play also. I do remember being able to successfully do it once or twice without any grief. Most of my recent attempts have been in trying to create multiple partitions were at least one was NTFS. Perhaps that is also related.

Right now, I've just got to many USB sticks on my desk. Scared I may loose something (from "testing" - all of the golden stuff is safely locked away), but with DevRel_03, I've needed to do so much testing and reformatting/reconfiguring/restarting, that it isn't funny. Then there have been the numerous tests of Foxy-USB-Installer, with every "just change this line" requiring multiple tests. FoxyRoxy itself is getting quite easy, its the darn testing before letting thins out in the wild that is starting to get to me.

Part way though more testing at the moment, but will try to remember and will check this when I'm ready to make or nuke a stick.
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