WOW amazing

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WOW amazing

Postby SBP » Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:42 pm

Hi Saintless and Jbv

This is amazing, I just burned Foxyroxy to a USB stick and put it in my Siemens Fujitsu Futro S400 (small client with 500 MB RAM and a 500 MB CF-card). I have not installed it on the CF-card yet.

After booting on the USB stick everything is working really well and snappy.
I had a little bit of difficulties finding the login name and password (<username> and <password>) - I think that somewhere in this forum it was mentioned (<username> and <password> - but that is incorrect)

Maybe this info should be easier to find.

But now I will play with it for some time. I have already been online using Firefox (so the LAN info was automatically set) - very good work.

Thank you
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Re: WOW amazing

Postby saintless » Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:52 pm

Thanks, SBP,

All the amazing things you see, all the architecture, scripts etc. is work of JBV. I help him with what I can but it is mostly testing.

The download thread is edited with information for username and password at the login prompt:

This foxy password was my mistake in this thread:

Now the password is correct there also.

How did you make bootable USB from the iso? With unetbootin or other way?
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Re: WOW amazing

Postby jbv » Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:54 pm


Thanks for the feedback.

By design, the login username and password are only mentioned in one place.
This is the About Copyrights and Respecting them thread.
They are clearly stated on the last two lines of the message.

By design, the first line of the Download thread, tells you that you should not download FoxyRoxy unless you have read that thread, and there is even a "hotlink" to it.

Congratulations, you passed the IQ test, and are deemed a suitable candidate :)

While my attitude to this may change in the future, for now I would prefer things to stay this way. Therefore, I would ask that we go and remove username/password from messages where we have broadcast them.

<fx:thud = The sound of saintless' head hitting his desk> :lol:
PS: saintless, you can leave them in the auto-login thread. If people get that far, they deserve to see them :)
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Re: WOW amazing

Postby SBP » Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:47 pm

Ok, that is fine, and now it is even more clear where to find this essential info.

I have been using it for some hours now. No problems at all.

I have bought a 1 GB cf-card, and the next thing to try is to instal it on this card. Further down the line is to try installing some package. But for this I still need to do some reading.
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