USB Flash Sticks - Not all are equal

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USB Flash Sticks - Not all are equal

Postby jbv » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:24 am

Not sure if I've mentioned it but before I started buying hardware for my project, I spent quite a bit of time testing and benchmarking stuff while also doing extensive research with real tech sites. My personal testing confirmed and proved that the Corsair Voyager was the fastest USB stick around, so I bought a few as I intended to use these to boot my project.

Since then, I've needed a few other sticks to do quick and dirty stuff, so I've usually just grabbed whatever was cheap at the local store. More often than not, this has resulted in me getting a Sandisk rather than a no-name. I'm already at the point where I now have to many USB sticks and putting coloured dots on and other markings on them isn't helping now, but that is another story.

I've currently got a 9Gb video that I wanted to watch and with the high bitrate and DTS sound, I'd rather have it on a stick to play from the WD. Only problem is that all of my sticks are either 4 or 8Gb and this file is > 9Gb Hmmmm...

Quick look online and I'm blown away. Here in Australia, USB Flash sticks are now costing about $1 per Gb from High-Street type retailers, and even less from discount on-line places. We normally get ripped off for stuff like this, so I can only imagine that in the US, they pay people to take them out of the store.

Anyway, since I've had bad experiences with Sandisk stuff being slow, I figured I would spend an extra $2- and buy a Sandisk Ultra instead of a no-name or basic/standard Sandisk, from the big store. This claimed a Super High Speed transfer rate of 15-20Mb per second - I started copying the 9Gb file from my HDD to the stick over 2 hours ago and it's still going. At this rate, I could create the file in a hex-editor typing every byte in by hand quicker than this thing is capable of being written to.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do something I've never done before. I'm going to go dumpster diving and find the packaging in our recycle bin, then I'm going to take this thing back and demand a refund, or an exchange for one of their no-name sticks that cost less, and I won't even ask/expect them to give me back the difference. I will never buy another Sandisk USB Flash drive ever again.

While there are a veritable plethora of Sandisk 4Gb and 8Gb flash drives being used to develop FoxyRoxy ...
As of this moment, FoxyRoxy does not support Sandisk USB Flash Sticks.

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Re: USB Flash Sticks - Not all are equal

Postby saintless » Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:57 pm

I have 4 Gb Verbatim and 8 Gb Intenso - not fast at all. I don't recommend them.

My 2 Gb Kingston is much faster and good choice.

But my precious USB stick is this one:


It is M-Systems DiskOneKey 16 Mb. With 16 Mb you don't care too much about the speed. It is always fast. :)
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Re: USB Flash Sticks - Not all are equal

Postby KazzaMozz » Mon Sep 03, 2012 3:52 am

Hi Saintless
: My 2 Gb Kingston is much faster and good choice.

Totally agree with you there. I have a number of Kingstons and they are very reliable and fast.
DT500s are pretty good too.
Funny though sometimes it all depends on the Distro. Using XmbcBuntu so slow........OMG would take 1/2hr for something on FoxyRoxyLinux or Saluki Puppy 5 minutes they are super quick.
When needing to copy from using USBs or HDDs I pick one of these distros they are both super fast by comparison to anything else out there. Maybe it's not always the stick but the distro that is the problem. :lol:
One day I will sit down when I have nothing else to occupy my mind and test what happens with each one between the different OS's. I know who would lose Windblows :roll: Oh and Sandisk :lol:

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