[BOUQUETS] Distro is amazing

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[BOUQUETS] Distro is amazing

Postby KazzaMozz » Tue Aug 21, 2012 10:18 pm

Hi guys
congratulations on your Distro!!
Finally someone else who wants to run the NAS systems the way I do. I hate raid as I also want to be able to pull the drive and replace/repair/retrieve what i can from it without affecting the rest.
I want to mount everything straight up and share all of it without having to stuff around with the shares.
I don't really care much for all the fancy desktop fluff. I just want it all to work and as fast as possible.
Reading from the start it all sounds so very promising. I have been mucking around with Saluki Puppy 023 as fabulous as it is, it's still having some major issues keeping drives mounted and sharing.......(another story)

I want to be able to run XBMC for the family as they love all the pretty stuff. However the NAS side of things is more what I need and want. I have a huge setup throughout the house. Networked media players/PCs/Laptops/Apples/MintLinux/Windblows/Puppy various flavours. I have all of them sharing but not exactly how I want it. Too much background work is needed to keep it up and running with teenagers in the equation lol.

I want to thank you guys for putting in the effort here and sharing what you are doing. Long time Puppy user fell of the track for a while as it just seemed to have too many stations to hop off and well I went the Mint way. Saluki brought me back and now I have found this. If it does what I have read then I have found the diamond in the rough so to speak.

All I have done so far is read about it and well now to the testing. I will post back my thoughts.

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Postby jbv » Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:47 am

Hi Kazzamozz,

Thanks the the Bouquets. I hope you are still throwing them our direction after your initial testing :)

While not publicly announced, while working on FoxyRoxy and planning my Ultimate-NAS, in the back of my mind there has always been the thought that once I get the NAS nailed, I should be able to use the exact same distro/build and create the ultimate Media-Player with just a few tweaks. So, while not a focus item yet, it is definitely on the back-burner and kept in mind while I push this along.

I haven't looked at Saluki, although I did see Jemimah's <spelling> previous Puppy (please excuse me as I forget it's name now), and it is without a doubt the best out of the box Puppy I could ever imagine. If it hadn't been buried in the Puppy stuff and Puppy wasn't so confusing for a "newb", then chances are that FoxyRoxy would not have been born. Frisbee is the wireless configuration tool I intend to contact Jemimah about for use in FoxyRoxy, although that it a little down the track.

I followed your link about XBMC and can see no reason why it won't work. I couldn't find a quick and easy repo that would just allow an apt-get for Squeeze, although it looks as though it is on debian-multimedia (which is commented out at the moment, even though the key-ring stuff is good).

FoxyRoxy uses minimal CPU resources (typically less than 0.5% for me), so I don't anticipate you will have any problems.
If you create a thread in [The Development Laboratory - Other Stuff ] once you've started playing, I'd be more than happy to help, if I can. Could I ask that your first message, be along the lines of a "how-to" so as to assist me (and others) in following in your footsteps and quickly catch-up so that we can offer any assistance if required.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you've had a chance to gather/formulate them, and thanks for taking the time to have a look.

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Re: [BOUQUETS] FoxyRoxyLinux Distro is amazing

Postby KazzaMozz » Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:07 pm

Hello there
Yes it will be similar to what I do on the Astone forum
[HOW TOs] XMBC - Debian Squeeze - Installation (or something along those lines)
I have replied to the PM and will continue tomorrow. It's lookng pretty exciting so far.
Looking forward to your updates and the wireless once you get a chance. I had a thought re that but will post it up in development.
I had the same issues finding Saluki I happened to find it quite by accident researching and looking for something entireley different. Fabulous work.
I did try PussyLinux first but it was still in it's infancy then and I put it to one side and continued on with Saluki. Lovely but
I really want something that is compatible right now with Debian and no mucking around (well not too much) to get stuff to work.
Saluki Puppy needstoo much concentration and extra work for me at present and has bugs with the automount ( I know the final will be amazing)
So for now Foxy it is for my setup.

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