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Re: Download speed

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 2:23 am
by KazzaMozz
HI downloading wirelessly speeds around 300-400 maxB/s using Firefox Mint 12
Downloading with Foxy CD cable DSL 360-450 KB/secs

Interestingly it was faster a couple of days ago with internode.
I'm at the end of the month and haven't checked if they have modified my speed. Even when I go over I still get at least 450-500 KB/s so I've probably been crippled. The kids download heaps at the end of the month.
Will have another look at it when I click over to proper speed.
These speeds should make anyone happy though.
18-20minutes max for a download.

Re: Download speed

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:21 am
by jbv
Hi Kazza,

Being on Internode, I can only imagine that it would/should have finished downloading before you clicked the link :lol: Will be interesting to see what you get after you are no longer bandwidth-crippled due to having kids like mine who steal all of your "Internets" :)

Seriously, when you move- look into switching over to TPG. Get their ADSL 2+ unlimited with home phone.
The entire package is only A$60 per month and includes the phone-line rental.
- This alone saved me about $40 per month over what I was previously paying Telstra (for nothing), plus I get all the traffic I can pull down - Note: I can currently get up to 30Gb per-day :shock:
Can't tell you what I can pull down a month as TPG don't even bother to track it - coz I'm on "unlimited" 8-)

Caveat Emptor - TPG can suck when you have a real fault, but if you know what you are doing, and only need to phone them when something is _really_ broken, what you can save, and get in return is well worth the minor bit of pain if/when things get messed up (like a Telstra physical line-fault). In their defense here though, the biggest issue if/when this occurs is not TPG. Seriously, there support/response in this regard is no worse than any other "communications organisation" whose prime goal nowadays seems be to avoid communicating with the customer at any cost. Sad but true :(

Extra bonus points/tip ... Flip your mobiles over to TPG too.

They use the Optus network which was costing me $200 per month for two phones (and we've been with Optus since year dot). It now costs me $30 per month (instead of $200 per month), for the same two phones with the same numbers.

The "transfer" went so unbelievable smoothly I did a double-take and needed to double-check that I had signed up with TPG. Triple Bonus Points .... now we both get 1.5Gb of mobile data and free calls between our mobiles and home phone/landline. Still trying to work out how to use the 1.5Gb of data Always had free calls between the 2 mobiles as we still on an old Optus plan we've had for ages which was the last Optus plan to offer that, but the free calls to our home landline means that no-matter what, our total mobile bill is now $30 per month instead of $200- .... BAR-GAIN .. Chuck in the extra $40 a month we have saved in Telstra line-rentals and it is saving me something like $210 a month or close on $ 2,520 a year :o ... For that sort of money, I can live with a little agro once every few years.

As you are about to move house, now would be an ideal time to review all of this stuff.

If you want/need a spreadsheet to help work out your mobile/lanline costs, shoot me a PM and I'll see if I can find the one that I created which turns any telco "funny-money" into real hardly-earned Aussie Dollars. Without word of a lie, this was one of the toughest programming challenges I have undertaken for quite a while.

If you have ever tried to do this yourself, you may appreciate what a challenge this can be, but I think I manged to "crack it" !

.... Now after opening my mouth, I just hope I can find it, if you'd like it :lol:

Cheers, Brenton

Re: Download speed

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 1:23 pm
by KazzaMozz
Hi Brenton
Oh if I could only get TPG. now or ever.....sadly Telstra would not relese any ports for me to acquire this wonderful offer. So ended up with Internode, and scrapped Telstra homeline totally. Internode VOIP 10 bucks for the month, no line rental. I've been very happy with Internode. Not the cheapest but very reliable. We really only have the home line Voip for the parents. All calls within Australia as a standard call. Have never gone over it's fab. Sister lives interstate so is great for that.
We move Dec 3rd the world is our Oyster as then we can look at all the offers available. Not sure what's even in te apartment, so it's going to be a journey of what I can do

Re: Download speed

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 3:04 am
by jbv
Yeah, I keep forgetting about the limited number of ports they can get access to in any one exchange. I couldn't change straight away and had to wait a while.