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Creating a bootable USB stick from Windows

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:54 pm
by jbv
After downloading the FoxyRoxy ISO
Download the Foxy-USB-Installer (868kb .exe file) using <this link>

This is a customised version of the Univeral-USB-Installer made specifically for FoxyRoxy.
It is based on the Univerasal-USB-Installer which can support numerous versions of Linux.
The author of UUI has been very helpful and I Would like to thank him for his assistance.
The Univerasal-USB-Installer homepage is at

It is suggested that you download both files (.iso and Foxy-USB-Installer ) to the same directory (folder)

Insert a blank USB stick, or one you can overwrite

It is suggested that you do a quick-format on the USB stick beforehand
Foxy-USB-installer will not show a USB stick inserted after the program has been started

Run the Foxy-USB-Installer (it does not need to be installed)

Step 1) Read the copyright information
Step 2) If you understand and agree with what you read, click [I Agree]
Step 3) Select the first item in the list [ FoxyRoxy Linux - Developer Release ]
Step 4) Browse to select the FoxyRoxy ISO
Step 5) Select the USB stick
Step 6) [Note: This is optional] (tick) the "Format" check-box if you want to format the stick
Step 7) click [Create]
Step 8) Carefully read the actions that will take place
Step 9) If you are satisfied that this is what you want to do, click [Yes]
Step 10) Wait a few minutes while the Foxy-USB-Installer does its thing
Step 11) When the Foxy-USB-Installer has finished, click [Close]

click the "Safely Remove Hardware" button in the Windows Taskbar
and "Safely Remove USB Mass Storage Device - Drive(Whatever)"

Job Done!
You can now remove the USB stick or reboot your computer to use FoxyRoxy

Linux Users ... Look Here <link> ...

Re: Creating a bootable USB stick from Windows

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:43 am
by jbv
What could possibly go wrong?

If you have been messing around with creating a bootable USB stick from Linux or other Operating Systems, as I have. Then chances are quite high that you can and will totally trash the USB stick. So, how can you recover? easy, if you follow these steps.

1) Download UUI from the above message.
- Do not use any other version.
Some previous versions had the "format" USB option removed and it is quite possible that a future version may also. The Author of UUI put the "format" option back into UUI at my request - Thanks Lance, you're a champ.

2) Put the USB stick into your Windows machine.

3) Windows will barf and tell you that the stick is "not formatted" and prompt you to reformat it.

4) Allow Windows to reformat the stick, but be careful and make sure you select FAT32 as the filesystem
- Do NOT select NTFS if you are given this option

5) When Windows has finished formatting the stick, start UUI

6) Follow the normal steps and make sure you select the Format option

7) When finished, make sure you "eject" the stick, don't just pull it out.

From here, you'll be fine :)

Re: Creating a bootable USB stick from Windows

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 9:26 pm
by jbv
There is a possibility that your USB stick may end up with a /isolinux directory on it.

This directory is not required.
Its presence will not have any impact.
You can, and probably should just delete it.

How this directory ends up on the USB stick is a little screwy to explain, although it appears to be a remnant directory that is created by the spawned 7zip that UUI uses to unpack the ISO. In my case, after making a lot of (test) sticks and doing a lot of other strange stuff, my real Windows system temp directory was becoming quite messy. The end result being that UUI thought it had to create a /isolinux directory on the stick and it did so. The fix was to manually clean my machines system temp directory. You could probably also use something like the "crap-cleaner" program to do this.

Re: Creating a bootable USB stick from Windows

PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:30 am
by sickgut
There is a utility for windows that lets you image a USB stick with an .img file. This is like a windows version of the linux "dd" command but has a nice graphical front end similar to the ISO to USB apps. ...

This would be more reliable for installing to USB, but you cant make live CDROMs from .img files.

As far as i can tell,, foxy roxy runs very wel on live CDROM and even if used for a NAS server etc, it would be just as good as USB as once the server program you are using has been cached from the CDROM and is active in RAM then it will be as fast as USB, but ofcause boot up times are alot longer.

Re: Creating a bootable USB stick from Windows

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:28 am
by jbv
At the request of the Author of UUI, I have added my own copyright notice above his, in what is now known as the Foxy-USB-Installer. I feel a little funny about doing this as I do not feel I have done anything deserving of making any claim to copyright.

After a careful read of the GPL License, I think I can understand why this request was made by the original Author. To fully comply with the GPL and his request, we also provide the source-code to the Foxy-USB-Installer in a 2Mb zip file that you can download by <clicking this link>