Sound is not working? ... Look here

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Sound is not working? ... Look here

Postby jbv » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:00 pm

If you have a new mainboard or a netbook, chances are that the chipset requires drivers to work.
FoxyRoxy provides support for embedded Intel-HDA Audio chipsets that require Realtek drivers.
Realtek Intel-HDA drivers (for all memory models) are in the sqf 011-Realtek_IntelHDA.squashfs.noload

If you notice mixer or sound initalisation error messages during the system startup sequence before login, then chances are that the Realtek Intel-HDA drivers may be required as many notebooks and mainboards with embedded sound require these drivers. To test the audio, simply type "aplay test.wav" at a console prompt while in the "root" directory.

If you need the Realtek drivers, simply rename 011-Realtek_IntelHDA.squashfs.noload to be 011-Realtek_IntelHDA.squashfs and restart the system. If you have full sound and audio support with the drivers loaded, there are two scripts included in package that will only appear in /scripts when the drivers are loaded. The scripts perform the following:

011-soundmerge ... will merge the Realtek Intel-HDA drivers into FoxyRoxy and leave all other drivers in place
011-soundpatch ... will remove all oter sound drivers and patch the Realtek Intel-HDA drivers into FoxyROxy

After executing either of these scripts, the .sqf will be renamed .noload to prevent it loading, although as the drivers will now be part of the FoxyRoxy package, your sound will work.

If this all goes pear-shaped, there is a package 012-orignal_sound.squashfs.noload that can be used to restore the original sound drivers. Once again, when the .sqf is loaded, sqf specific scripts will appear in /scripts
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