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Configuring FoxyRoxy

Postby jbv » Sun Aug 12, 2012 1:01 pm

Configuring the System and the Helper Scripts

FoxyRoxy contains script files to help make changes to the sqf's
As a rule of thumb, all scripts live in /scripts which is in the path. Script names will usually start with the number that the script belongs to. For example 01-load will load 01-FoxyRoxy.squashfs into the designated work area
The script files use the following architecture when looking for files and when creating or writing files.

There are 3 environment variables that most scripts use.
These environment variables are set in /etc/profile which is executed during startup.

SQF_SRC = The Source Directory.
This is where the sqf files live
default = /live/image/live (usually a USB stick)

SQF_WRK = The Working Directory.
This is where the sqf will be unpacked
default = /tmp (the system RAM drive)

SQF_TMP = The Temporary Directory.
This is where the sqf will be squashed before saving back to the Source Directory
default = /tmp (the system RAM drive)

If your machine has 2Gb or more of RAM, then leaving the WRK and TMP directories in RAM should be fine. If you have less RAM, or your sqfs live on a hard drive, you may need to re-configure these variable before making any changes. It is very important that the SQF_WRK is not a FAT32 format. FAT32 does not know about Linux file permissions and can also have trouble with linux symlinks. If you try to use a FAT32 drive as your SQF_WRK directory, you will have trouble. For safety, it is suggested that SQF_TMP not be FAT32 either.

There is a special script to patch these variables and it must be run in a special mode, called "source mode".

The script is 99-setdirs and to run it you should be in a terminal session and type:
source 99-setdirs [enter]

After giving you various warnings the script will show you the current settings and prompt you to enter the new directories for each of the 3 sections. It will then use the directories you entered to load FoxyRoxy into the working directory, patch /etc/profile with the directories you entered and create a new 01-FoxyRoxy.squashfs in the Temporary Directory before making a backup of the original 01-FoxyRoxy.squashfs and saving the new 01-FoxyRoxy.squashfs

If you need to make any changes to the 3 directories just mentioned, this should be the first script you run. As your changes are written back to the source drive, you will only need to do this once.

If you have typed "99-setdirs" and receive a bash permissions error, it is because the file must be run in source mode by typing source 99-setdirs as explained above.
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