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Re: An important Announcement from The Management

Postby jbv » Sun Sep 01, 2013 5:21 am

saintless wrote:(don't ask me way I had this stupid idea)

:lol: Yeah, I get them too :lol:

Sometimes, they work out okay though. Todays "stupid idea" was to ask myself why I never made a special Add-On for the SqueezeServer. A bit of back-tracking and I sort of remembered bit of it, and I also remembered that how the LMS stores it's config files etc, it was all rather messy. But .... (there's always a "but") ... When living in Sydney, we were on the outskirts of the city, but it was still suburbia. I was quite fortunate in that our place backed onto a rather large gully that was all natural bushland, and the view from my office window was magic. Our place in Brisbane is also on the outskirts of the city, yet here is it quite a bit more rural than our last place. In fact, the telco's all charge rural rates, and there is only 1 ISP with a POP in this area, but that's another story. The clanger is that we are about half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which means that we are on the fringe of both Brisbane and Gold Coast radio stations, so the FM Music station with the strongest signal here is ... well, there isn't one. Not one of our HiFi radios can get a decent signal and they all drop in and out of tune so the best signal we get is static. For what it is worth, I can get a decent signal in the car while driving to work, but I haven't found a station I like yet anyway.

... Queue the "stupid idea" ...

"Hmmm... if I setup the LMS properly, I could pickup streams from the Sydney stations we used to listen to" ... Brilliant!

So, throwing caution to the wind, I thought I'd have a look at the whole LMS thing again.

Tried to download the latest versions of everything and quickly discover that the Server is now at 7.8 and they've removed the Linux Player from their download area.
Not a big deal as I still have the older 7.2 player, and I'm sure that Steen will steer me right when needed.

I think I'm setup and ready to go. All of the files are on the USB stick, so away we go.
After a few minutes, I remembered where I was up to with FoxyRoxyLinux before the move north.
I was sorting out the disk-pooling and parsing the configuration file.
Just before that, I was playing with 3Tb drives and GPT partitions etc.

What I had discovered while playing with 3Tb drives and GPT partition tables was that I needed to make some "tweaks" to the auto-mount stuff (primarily to properly support GPT partition tables). What I hadn't discovered (remembered) was that my "tweaks" weren't fully tested. The FoxyRoxy machine currently has 5 scrappy old Hard-Drives of various sizes from 80Gb to 500Gb and each drive has a different partition table or filesystem. I purposely have a mess of Standard and GPT partitions, in addition to a mix of Filesystems including ntfs/exfat/ext2/xfs

Before I got started with the LMS, I ran into the "glitch" in my "tweaks".
I think I've fixed it, so it wasn't all bad.
Basically, the hot-swap and auto-mount of any type of HDD with any type of partition table and/or filesystem wasn't perfect, although I'm pretty sure it is now.
I'll beat up on this a little more over the next few nights, to make sure that it is all good.

Cheers, Brenton
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Re: An important Announcement from The Management

Postby KazzaMozz » Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:43 am

Hi there fellas
glad to see things are on their way again. Looking forward to being more involved and testing again as soon as I get a few more things sorted here. Starting up a new business sure takes a bit more time than working for someone else. LOL


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Re: An important Announcement from The Management

Postby jbv » Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:02 pm

Hi Kazza,

Yeah, sort of sorted and back on-track.
Things may be a little spazmodic for a couple of more weeks, but last weekend was fun, and a "gentle easing back into things".

Cheers, Brenton
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