How to Save packages after installation

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How to Save packages after installation

Postby jbv » Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:03 pm

Long overdue and this will be brief. Please consider this a Rough Draft
These "notes" will be cleaned up over the next few days...

I suggest that you start by looking:

1) <here> <<<--- This one is really important
If you have not read the above and understood it, or made any changes as may be required, do not pass Go, do not collect $200.

As for saving stuff ...

Have a look in /scripts
The ones you want first off are:

95-create ... create a fresh snapshot
95-load ... load the snapshot into /tmp/sqf-snap for editing/playing
95-save ... I think you'll work this one out :)
95-refresh ... merge current "cow" into current /live/image/live/95-snap
99-zapmans ... nukes all man and doc pages without making things barf

Others worth a quick peek...

95-clean ... A starting point for something that may "automate" the cleaning process
95-delete ... remove a /live/image/live/95-snap.squashfs file

I will usually start with the 95-snap stuff, then change the filename to be 85-snap which is why there are some "parked" scripts in /scripts/parked As you will see, most (all) scripts create a .sqfback file whenever they write stuff out.

To park a .sqf, I just manually add .noload to the extension.
Then if I want to, I can still load it manually or hack a script.

Important Note: All of these scripts should be run from a terminal/console prompt. Do not try to run them from XFE or any other file manager. Of late, I have really got to like the quick-terminal window in the lower right corner of the Task Bar. While it doesn't have cut-copy-paste like LXterm does, it closes neatly and always remembers things. You can leave a script running, start something else and then clock on the quick-console button again and the previous task is still running or the screen output is still there. Play with it, I think you may get to love it, I do.

Remember you can also open a terminal session anywhere from within XFE and it is also easily accessible by bringing up the right-click menu anywhere on the the desktop.

Sorry that these notes are so rough. I really will fix them up very soon.

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Re: How to Save packages after installation

Postby KazzaMozz » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:05 pm

Aah some midnight reading :lol: just what I need. Great stuff.
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