99-snap, Now smarter than a Fox

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99-snap, Now smarter than a Fox

Postby jbv » Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:02 am

The script below adds additional smarts to 99-snap.

By replacing the standard 99-snap with the one contained in the archive below, 99-snap can be auto-magically extended to pickup/include your custom files or injections without making any further changes to 99-snap.

In addition to enhancing 99-snap, the archive also contains a 99-snapExtensionTemplate and two example extensions.

All of the extension files now live in a new directory /scripts/99-include

The two example extensions were made from 99-snapExtensionTemplate and do nothing other than tell you what they would have done, and require you to press a key to continue.

What this means is if you grab a new package/program and install it in FoxyRoxyLinux, and your new program creates configuration or database files that rarely change but you would prefer them to be held in 05-FoxyConfig, you can now create your own extension to 99-snap to include these files whenever you take a "data or configuration" snapshot. It also means that if you are building a formal FoxyRoxy AddOn, you can and should create a 99-snap extension to save all of the configuration data into 05-FoxyConfig

The suggested way to install this script upgrade, is to download the archive either directly into your /tmp directory or to some other physical media directory (such as /live/image). Then unpack it into your root/base/system directory (in other words, into "/" and not "/root"). Alternatively unpack it into /tmp and then copy the the resultant /tmp/scripts into /scripts. Once this is done properly, you should now have a new directory /scripts/99-include and the file /scripts/99-snap will now have an new SNAP_extensions= option.

At this point, simply open a console/terminal session and run 99-snap
As 99-snap will also snapshot any changes to /scripts your "refreshed" 05-FoxyConfig will now contain the new version of 99-snap and the template/samples.

To remove the samples after you've had a look at them, just 05-load then remove or rename them from your working directory, and then 05-save

Of course, if you want to turn this feature off, just change 99-snap itself, while you have sqf-config in your working directory. You can leave SNAP-extensions enabled and without any files in /scripts/99-include nothing will be run.

The extended 99-snap in this archive will by default enable SNAP-extensions with all other 99-snap configuration details defaulting to the state they were in DevRel_03.
99-snap self-extending archive
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Re: 99-snap, Now smarter than a Fox

Postby KazzaMozz » Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:48 am

Hello Brenton
Now this is really something and goes to show us.
You really are smarter the average bear
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